Friday, August 1, 2008


This is the first time in 4 years that my husband and I have not been together 24 hours a day.
Why am I missing him?
Well, he used t work out of the house and right after we got home from San Francisco, he started a temporary job at a new company 50 minutes from home (w/o traffic).
He has to work at the office now!
But the upside is that he works with the BEST coworkers anyone can ask for!

So, I HAVE been cooking dinner everyday, but all repeats.
Nothing new.
I've been making all of his favorites:
-Garbanzo dip with pita bread and Salad
-Walnut Loaf, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, sweet corn and Salad
-Caesar Salad 
-Lentil Soup
-Enchiladas with marinated onions, Mexican rice, jicama, and Salad
-Quinoa and Corn Salad with Pumpkin Seeds
-Three Bean Chocolate Chili with Double CornBread and Salad
-Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Salad
-Spaghetti and Bean Balls and Salad

*Salads always include Asian Miracle Dressing from VEGAN LUNCH BOX except for the Caesar Salad.
**All favorites have been featured in previous posts.

Whatever is left over, he takes for lunch.
So, he has an awesome VEGAN lunch and snacks to take to work M-F.

Snacks include:
-Green smoothies made out of spinach, frozen mango, frozen banana, flax seed oil soymilk (or almond milk).
-Fruit... strawberries,watermelon,peaches,kiwis, and mangoes
-Mini Cliff bars
-Homemade trail mix... Raw cashews, Raw almonds, Raw pistachios, and Goji berries

I also make a breakfast for him before he leaves.
-Oatmeal sweetened with agave syrup
-Whole Wheat pancakes
-Whole Wheat Banana waffles
-Peanut butter on toast
- Triple berry smoothies made out of frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, acai berries, soymilk/almond milk, psyllium seed, and flax seed oil.

So even though he's almost 40 miles from home, he can still enjoy my food!
He's well fed and doesn't have to worry about what he's going have for lunch that day.

So, needless to say, we miss each other.


Vegyogini said...

Yes, that's Follow Your Heart! Isn't the market and cafe wonderful? It's one of my very favorite places to be and I've found that many omnis are quite satisfied with the food there, too. I'm so happy you had a chance to go there!

Vegyogini said...

P.S. I'm sorry you and your husband are missing each other. I feel for you. :(

Kristen's Raw said...

You're such a great wife!!!

I often wondered if there were any other couples in the world like my boyfriend and me (we're together every day, pretty much all day long, coming on 3 years now).

Sad that you have to spend some time apart now, but glad he has cool coworkers ;)

Foodeater said...

I've awared you the "Brilliante Weblog" award because your blog is so great!

Feel free to post it on your site if you so desire, as well to nominate 7 of your own favorite sites. Keep up the great work!