Thursday, June 7, 2012


-Tofurky Garlic Sesame Tempeh, chopped up and sauteed in olive oil.
-Sweet white onion
-1 Jalapeno with seeds
-Green onions

Served with a side of Bob's Red Mill Organic Grits (topped with maple syrup and a splash of coconut milk) and Ezekiel 7 Sprouted Grains Bread.

This is second breakfast.
First breakfast is usually a smoothie.

This is my own creation.
I had a bunch of tempeh and I wanted to make something quick.
And this just popped into my head.
I've been watching way too much CHOPPED.
But it's a GOOD thing because it's making me cook more creatively with what I have on hand.
It only took 20 minutes to make.
And my husband said I didn't get CHOPPED.

5 comments: said...

what a beautiful plate!! that looks so delicious! thanks for sharing! tempeh is sooo good:)

Wendi said...

Yum! Looks great.

Claryn said...

Second breakfast rules. That looks great!

Emily said...

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Van said...

That looks great!