Sunday, January 30, 2011


KindKreme just opened their doors yesterday in Pasadena!!!

Kind Kreme is a GOURMET,RAW,VEGAN,ORGANIC Icekreme shop.
All their flavors are made in-house in small batches using organic and local ingredients.
All Icekremes are either coconut, almond milk, or cashew based.
Flavors change depending on the season.
Some flavors DO contain honey, but they're clearly labeled.
They also serve smoothies, shakes, juices, hot drinks, and treats.

Their GRAND OPENING will be held SATURDAY, FEB. 5th.
This is their second location. The other location is in Studio City.

The Pasadena location's great because it's 1 block away from a 2-story Whole Foods!
I do want to give you guys a heads up, the parking lot is small and has mostly 20 minute parking.


On to the Icekreme:

I ordered the soft-serve chocolate vanilla swirl in a cup, but later added a sugar cone for nostalgia's sake.
My husband ordered the coconut flavor.
Both were creamy with tons of flavor.
The coconut icekreme even had large coconut flakes mixed in!!!

My only complaint are the prices.
We paid $14 for 2 medium servings!!!!
But we both think it's worth it and plan on going back soon.
We plan on getting the banana split next!!!


Millie said...

WOW!!!! What a cute place to go for an ice cream. Too bad they are only in CA.

Carissa said...

wow! awesome! I want them to open one in nebraska! That is spendy, but then again, vegan things usually are. Yummy!

**** said...

Oh. My. God. This sounds just amazing. I think the NZ population in general would have no idea that icecream could be made from anything other than dairy, this would blow their socks off! Vegan options are definitely lacking in this country!

Rachel said...

oh crap the above comment was from me- Rachel from but it is being silly and keeps telling me I have an open id error- grr..

tera @ elgin eco-house said...

i've been waiting for them to open this location for a couple of months - i'm going to stop by today! great pics!

tera @ elgin eco-house said...

I just stopped by - huge yum! i also used one of your photos on my blog (and attributed it to you). really great pics you took, and the place is so sweet inside.

they told me on Saturday they will start serving a few savory items as well.

thanks for the 'scoop.' :)