Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last night my husband and I attended a Raw Foods Cooking class at the Pasadena Whole Foods
with Chef Jenny Ross from Costa Mesa's 118 Degrees Organic, Gourmet Plant Based Cuisine restaurant.
My husband is leaning more towards raw food, so I need to learn the simple more day-to-day raw food techniques.
We've eaten at 118 degrees twice and I loved it!!!
We've tried Juliano's restaurant in Santa Monica, Cru in SIlver Lake, Leaf in Culver City, and Cafe Gratitude in the Bay area.
But, I prefer 118 over all them.
Chef Jenny uses just the right amount of seasonings in her dishes, not too much garlic either.
The only problem is that it's so far from us, 45 minutes with no traffic.
Luckily, she sells some of her ready-to-eat items at a few local Whole Foods.
And she even has a book called The Art of Raw Living Food ,which we purchased from her last night.

Back to last night's class.
It was only $10 for and hour and a half of demonstration and tasting.
About 20 people attended the class.
Chef Jenny had all of us introduce ourselves.
There were a lot of vegans, vegan's dabbling with raw food, and people who just want to learn how to eat healthier.

Chef Jenny opened up a few coconuts (she made it look so easy!!!) and used the water and the flesh to make COCONUT MILK, COCONUT GREEN SMOOTHIE,COCONUT YOGURT, and a COCONUT KALE APPETIZER.
She also made a simple KALE APPLE SALAD.
Everything was delicious!!!

We bought 3 coconuts to open up ourselves to use in some of the recipes Chef Jenny shared with us.
I will be sharing a recipe a day starting later on today.
So check back later!

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The Vegan Snorkeler said...

I am so intimidated by whole coconuts. I love coconut milk, and I know coconut water is really good for you, but I can just see myself making a huge mess trying to open one! I should probably just go for it!