Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Shojin just keeps getting better and better.
Mr.Morishima is truly a genius!
My husband and I had dinner here Monday night and were treated to another great innovative dinner.
Monday's are sushi nights in June.
But as of July, they've expanded sushi night to MONDAYS and TUESDAYS.
Everything was delicious!!!

NIGIRI SUSHI APPETIZER-sushi brown rice wrapped in a thin layer of roasted red pepper
Such simple ingredients with so much flavor.

SEITAN ISLAND-spicy "tuna" on BBQ Seitan avocado roll with sweet soy sauce and wasabi mayo.

SKY HIGH-Tempura avocado roll inside spicy "tuna" and crispy lotus root chips on top with sweet soy sauce.

SHOJIN GYOZA-thick gyoza wrappers stuffed with vegetables served with a sweet soy sauce for dipping

Shojin is such a unique restaurant.
They keep adding new and exciting items.
They care about what their customers think and want.
Shojin is THE best restaurant in Los Angeles!


Millie said...

such a great it.

Woobie is Vegan said...

OMG - amazing!! I was so confused when I saw the pics you posted...I thought for sure this is not vegan! I certainly hope to make it to this restaurant some day!

SushiTail said...

Wow! They look just like real tuna. This is truly sustainable sushi.

chow vegan said...

Now that's some yummy looking sushi! :-)