Friday, July 23, 2010


Pumpkin Waffles

Our new favorite coffee flavors

Chickpea Zucchini Sautee from EVERYDAY FOOD MAGAZINE

Chocolate-Bottom Macaroon Cookies from VEGAN COOKIES INVADE YOUR COOKIE JAR


Rose said...

That waffle looks like the business; you've just reminded me that I have to have a both a chocolate dipped macaroon and a waffle soon...can't remember the last time I had either one, but they are two of my favorite things. All your food looks delicious.

Jocelyn said...

Those waffles look delicious! I really must get on the flavoured starbucks coffee bandwagon! The caramel sounds amazing

Millie said...

such yummy waffles...when is your next waffle breakfast????...I'll bring some juice and some fresh fruit....good job!

Seitan said...

Those waffles look wonderful, so juicy!