Thursday, May 13, 2010


After a hard day of watching HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (which was AWESOME!!!) and shopping, we made the long uphill walk to Loving Hut .
A chain of vegan Chinese (asian) restaurants.

We've tried the Alhambra location, which hits the spot when your craving Chinese food.

The San Francisco location is located at the edge of Chinatown and North Beach (San Francisco's version of Little Italy).
It's small but really quite quaint.

We went all out and ordered tons of stuff.
To our defense, we wanted to have leftovers just in case we got hungry back at the hotel.
And they have a lot of stuff our location doesn't.
Like banana splits, which we were too full to order.
Next time for sure.

We shared everything, family style.

POT STICKERS AND SZECHUAN GREEN BEANS-tradional pot stickers stuffed with cabbage,carrots,mushrooms, and celery.
GREEN BEANS stir-fried with soy protein, chili flakes and a light soy sauce.

AU LAC (VIETNAMESE) VERMICELLI+SPRING ROLLS-rice vermicelli served with marinated soy protein,radish & carrot salad,peanuts and fresh herbs

THAI PINEAPPLE RICE-wok-fried rice with mixed vegetables and pineapple, served with spring roll

SPICY CHA CHA-yam flour crescents crumbled and wok-fried with spices,bell pepper,celery and chili on a bed of romaine lettuce.

MANGO SALAD-shredded radish,cucumber,carrot,cilantro and mango strips tossed in a light vinaigrette and nuts.

TROPICAL PINEAPPLE DRINK with pineapple chunks.

Everything was good but not great.
The pot stickers were delicious.
The wrapper was home-made, nice and thick.
The rice was so forgettable.
The Spicy Cha Cha was made with fake shrimp because when I bit into it, it looked just like one.
The one at the Alhambra location uses real yam flour, no pink food coloring.
The green beans weren't crunchy.
The drink was way too sweet.
We had to let the ice melt to dilute it.
The pineapple topping didn't even taste like pineapple and it had a funny texture.
The bowl was AWESOME as always.
So many different flavors and textures.

It's nice to have options like Loving Hut .
Interesting dishes with some hits and a few misses.
But overall, we'll definitely be back.
Especially for the banana split.

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