Sunday, May 30, 2010



SHISHITO PEPPER-fried with a green scallion sauce

Husband's Ramen

My ramen, with extra green onions.....YUMMY!!!!!

Shojin Japanese Vegan restaurant is the FIRST to offer VEGAN RAMEN.
Vegan ramen noodles made ONLY for SHOJIN.

There are four different types and the choice to get any of them regular or spicy.
My husband and I prefer THE HOT AND SPICY RAMEN.
The broth contains chili oil infused with habanero.
Habanero is the world's spiciest chili.
But Shojin has made it perfectly spicy.
It will make your nose run,
but it won't make your head blow-up.
THe HOT AND SPICY RAMEN is topped with kale, green onions, and a seitan, mushroom, miso paste.
I prefer to get mine with just kale and EXTRA greens onions.
And my husband likes his with corn and tofu.

Shojin also offers vegan sushi (made with BROWN RICE), unique salads, scrumptious SEITAN dishes(SEITAN PEPPER STEAK...OMG!!!), unique drinks (non-alcoholic, but they will start serving alcohol in 3 months), and THE BEST VEGAN DESSERTS.
They recently added a few RAW appetizers and desserts.

What is awesome about SHOJIN, is that they constantly offer new savory and dessert items
Every month brings something new and exciting.

Another reason why SHOJIN is amazing, is the staff.
We have become so fond of this place, we eat here twice a week.
Mr.Morishima and Mitsuko (co-owners) REALLY care about their customers.
They always welcome all their customers with open arms.
And they even walk you out of the restaurant when you leave.
Chef Kimiko makes the most flavorful, amazing food.
She even makes time to come out and greet tables.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and you're a fan of DELICIOUS flavor, you HAVE to try SHOJIN.
Gourmet Vegan Japanese food in Little Tokyo!

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