Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So if you read yesterday's post, I mentioned that my husband and I shared a burger, fries, and shake at O Burger in West Hollywood.
We shared to make room for Ice Pan , vegan ice cream made right in front of your eyes.
They use all natural ingredients, nothing artificial.
After reading Quarrygirl's post raving about this place, I envisioned stuffing my face into a freshly made vegan ice cream made just how I like it.
You see, I've dreamt of being able to one day, visit a Coldstone and be able to order a vegan ice cream.
Well Icepan beat them to it.
Except this place is even more magical, because they literally make the vegan ice cream to order.
Nothing is premade.
They make a smoothie-type concoction mix with soy milk and any fruit you might want.
Then they pour it into an ice pan and mix it until it becomes firm.
And then, they lay whatever toppings you want and mix until combined and creamy.
They scoop it into a container and this is when you can add even more toppings.

My husband ordered the chocolate soy ice cream with mixed-in slivered almonds.
He LOVED it!!!
I ordered the vanilla soy ice cream with mixed-in mango chunks and topped with kiwi and strawberries.
I too LOVED it!!!

This place is amazing and I hope that they open up more locations, specifically in the San Gabriel Valley.
This location is conveniently located on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and La Brea Blvd. in West Hollywood.

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quarrygirl said...

i love that you even had a toy handy to take the pix at ice pan.

so glad you enjoyed it!