Monday, October 6, 2008


Family Guy Figure might offend a few readers.
Proceed with caution.
Don't worry, it'll make you smile.

Today I Made:
Steak recipe from
Puree recipe from Recipezaar.

Mind you, I've never had Salisbury Steak, so I don't know how close this recipe comes to the real deal.
Lentils, brown rice, oatmeal, wheat germ, wheat gluten, and spices. Smothered with an onion and ketchup gravy.
This dish was amazing!
During our prevegan days, my husband and I used to love ordering HAMBURGER CURRY at Curry House ( a local Japanese Curry restaurant chain in Southern California ).
And this vegan version of Salisbury Steak, looked and tasted exactly like the dead animal version we used to shamelessly order.
I recommend for everyone to make this ASAP!!!

I was craving mashed potatoes to go with this dish, but I wanted to try something new.
I remembered seeing a recipe for the cauliflower puree at Recipezaar a while back. So I looked it up and a few hours laters, we were enjoying it for dinner.
It turned out a little runny, but I think that I didn't squeeze out as much water from the cooked cauliflower as I was suppose too.

The spicy garlic broccolini is a basic recipe that I use for different sorts of green vegetables.
Olive oil, crushed red chili peppers, garlic,salt, and pepper.
All you do is heat the olive oil with the crushed red chili peppers on low heat, until the oil turns a light red color.
Then you add what ever green vegetable you want and turn up the heat to med. high.
Saute until the vegetables are almost done cooking and you see a few darkened pieces.
Add the minced garlic, salt, and pepper, and cook until the garlic turns a light brown.
Turn heat off and enjoy. 


evestirs said...

i dont know what Salisbury Steak is supposed to taste like either...but it looks great :)

Foodeater said...

Peter Griffin looks so innocent with his clothes off!

Vegyogini said...

That Peter Griffin figurine is hilarious! The only salisbury food I've ever tried is the Salisbury Seitan at Real Food Daily and it's delicious! I love the idea of using mashed cauliflower as an accompaniment. :)

Destiny's Vegan Kitchen said...

You are amazing!!! I've never had salisbury steak before either, but I know I would love that version. The way you plated it up is gorgeous! And yay for man-boobies!

River said...

Delicious food, beautiful presentation! Love the little naked dude! :)

Bex said...

that food looks great but I don't know how I feel about a nekkid Peter Griffin standing over the plate.